Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was developed by the German Physician and Alchemist Dr.Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Dissatisfied by the prevalent treatments, he looked for alternate and better forms of treatment. After extensive research as well as experiments on himself he started propounding the principles of homeopathy. The main characteristic is encapsulated in Latin as "Similia Simibulus Curentur" - let likes be cured by likes. Other features of Homeopathy are that the medicine was given singly and the dose was not repeated routinely but only when the patient's symptoms demanded it.

What is the scope?

Hahnemann believed that it was a complete system of medicine, however it has been recognised that because homeopathy is a patient centered therapy it can be used exclusively or as a supplementary treatment in all situations. Homeopathy lends itself to self-treatment, especially in day to day ailments, first aid situations and minor accidents (First Aid kits can be prepared especially for you by the homeopath). Other areas of successful applications are psychological disorders and the management of mild to moderate anxiety, depression and other mood disturbances. Like any other therapy there are limitations and these will be explained by the practitioner during the consultation.

How popular is it?

It is used worldwide and is growing in popularity as a preferred therapy. Some statistics of the countries that lead in popularity...

  • France - Over 5000 qualified medical practitioners practice Homeopathy. Fifteen Universities and hospital centres do research on its uses.
  • Germany - 20% of doctors use it in their practice.
  • England - Recognised by Act of Parliament available within the National Health Service. 42% referrals to homeopaths come from Medical/Orthodox Physicians.
  • India - All major hospitals have Homeopathic/Ayurvedic and Allopathic Practitioners at the same status. There is respect for all within the medical fraternity.
  • Australia - Increasing popularity is reflected by the number of private health funds covering the modality in the extras cover.

Funds covering Homeopathy:

  • MBF
  • National Mutual Health Insurance
  • Grand United Health Fund
  • La Trobe Health Insurance
  • Australian Health Management Group
  • HCF

Is it safe?

Hahnemann taught that if the right medicine was given the patient would always become a little worse before improving. This is the so-called homeopathic aggravation. These may or may not occur and even if they do occur they are short lived and never cause damage to health.

The medicines do not produce unwanted side effects-they only produce effects that help in treating the person. The medication is non-addictive, as the small and infrequent dose is required to stimulate the vital/healing force within the person.

What about conventional drugs?

There is no evidence that conventional drugs and homeopathic medicines interfere with each other. In any case, it is undesirable to stop conventional treatment without the approval of the doctor who started the treatment.

What is the consultation like?

The best description of the consultation was given by a patient - "I have never spoken so much about myself and what is important to me. It is like talking to a friend who can help. I can now see/understand how I reached this state of health." The aim of the consultation is to get a complete and holistic view of the patient and thus there is a character sketch done with the information the patient gives and an individual picture emerges. The medicine is then prescribed for this person. Sometimes this picture emerges clearer after a few consultations and the practitioner may change the medicine.

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