"All disease is due to inhibited soul life. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the form" - Alice Bailey

Reiki is a gentle healing technique that promotes healing on all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and brings them into balance.

Rei means 'Universal Spirit' or 'Essence' + 'Ki' means Life Energy-Chi in China or Prana in India. Life Force Energy is intrinsic to all life (human beings, animals and plants). This energy flows through every living thing and allows flowers to bloom and human beings to grow.

Reiki channels universal life force energy through the hands of the Reiki practitioner to the receiver.

The beauty of Reiki lies in its simplicity and yet its effects are far reaching.

Reiki is safe to use along with conventional medical treatment.

Beneficial Effects of Reiki

  • accelerates the body's own healing processes and allows the individual to heal themselves
  • balances energies in body
  • enhances personal awareness and improves meditative states
  • promotes feelings of inner peace
  • treats the cause and not just the symptoms of disease
  • relaxes and reduces stress
As the energy is activated the brain wave pattern slows down to 8-10 hertz range as in meditation
  • works on the subconscious level and removes emotional blockages

Reiki plays a pivotal role in reducing stress in one's daily life. The inextricable connection between the mind and body is well documented. The field of psychoneuroimmunology reinforces that stress contributes to physical diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hormonal imbalances and skin disorders (i.e psoriasis + eczema). Reiki is more than a gentle healing modality but a philosophy of life. The Reiki principles are based on compassion and unconditional love.

Allow the gentle flowing energy of Reiki to soothe your mind and caress your spiri.


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